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Orange Mobile Signal Boosters

Orange Mobile Signal Boosters

Orange Mobile was originally launched as “Microtel Communication Ltd.” was a very successful telecommunication service provider and former internet service provider in the UK. Since its inception in 1990, Orange Mobile quickly gained popularity and expanded. With the mergers of with France Telecom (Orange SA), in 2000 and later with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile UK to form a joint venture EE.


All services and tariffs initially offered by Orange Mobile are now are processed by EE under its name since February 2015. Existing customers of Orange Mobile had to upgrade to EE tariff plans in order to continue their subscriptions. Problems that were occurring with EE network coverage, have had similar difficulties with the former Orange Mobile buyers’ connections and carrier network.

By eliminating the “dead zones” and frequent problem with disconnections, we offer you the Orange Mobile signal boosters.  We have boosters available for all frequency bands operated by EE. Our Orange Mobile phone signal boosters are fully compatible with Orange’s lineups and EE Ltd.

During our development of the phone repeaters are fully compatible with Orange’s lineups and EE Ltd. During our development of the Orange Mobile phone repeaters, we made sure that there is no further service failure and has no reason to fail you in its service.