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Three Mobile Signal Boosters

Three Mobile Signal Boosters

Three Mobile is the fastest growing network that covers 97% of the UK population. Three mobile is very frequent in its development and enhancement of the services that it provides to the consumers. According to customer experience ratings Three Mobile comes on top among all other telecom network service providers in terms of Reliability and affordability for voice text and data services that it offers.


Launched in 2003 Three Mobile is headquartered in the Berkshire United Kingdom. Although as compared to other network providers Three Mobile possesses a bit different offered service. Three Mobile doesn’t offer 2G network and primarily focuses only on its 3G frequency spectrum to provide 3G services.

Due to this difference, a low priced handset which is only 2G supported is not compatible with Three Mobile carrier service. But its 3G service is overwhelming and has been widely adopted in the UK. That is why we have a specially designed 3 Signal Boosters for serving and assisting its efficiency in 3G business. Our Three signal booster is fully compatible with the frequency range that Three Mobile operates its 3G service on i.e. 2100 MHz frequency. Like every other booster product 3 mobile phone signal booster has the same installation process backed up without effective guarantee and tech support facility.

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