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A new year is upon us, and yet again British Science Week is starting soon, to remind and show us of what new and exciting things science has in store for us in the future.

Or, who knows, maybe even today.

The British Science Week will start on March 14th and last till March 21th, gifting us with numerous interesting and exciting things.

You can take your students there, and have competitions. There is plenty to do for the family as a fun day or even a week out. Take the time to teach your kids about science, do fun and cool experiments, and who knows, maybe even become a parent to the next great mind in the scientific community!

Most of the technology that we have today, is thanks to the advancement of science, some parts of it, at least.

Mobile signal boosters are not an exception. Most of how it works and functions are thanks to science.

We appreciate and value this contribution, and want to announce that there are big sales on mobile signal boosters during the British Science Week.

Never heard of mobile signal boosters?

Well, let us tell you a bit about them, what they are, what they do and how they do it.

Mobile Signal Boosters - the whats, hows, and whys of it all

There is more to mobile signal boosters than meets the eye.

It’s a small but very nifty device, which helps us have a more comfortable life, happy family and kids, and even have a better career with the seamless connection in any corner of your space.

Let us start from the beginning though and walk you through what mobile boosters are, and what they do.

What is a mobile signal booster?

A mobile phone signal booster, or an amplifier, repeater is a device that enhances the mobile or data signal across an area indoors.

This is a great device in case you have troubles with having a smooth call experience, have dead zones in your house, where you don’t have any mobile signal at all. It will also make sure you can have 5 full bars in every corner of your house.

But this device is not just for the house. It will boost your signal in any indoor space, like the office, hotel, car, and even the boat.

Now that you know what it is, let us explain how it works, to eradicate any doubt in your head that this device truly works.

How exactly does a booster work?

We can easily explain the whole process in 3 easy steps.

But before we do, you need to know the parts that constitute a booster, and make everything work like a charm.

Parts of Mobile Boosters

A mobile signal booster consists of the following parts:

The booster unit

An outdoor antenna

An indoor antenna

2 sets of coaxial cables

In most cases you will see all those parts sold together as a kit, however, in some cases, you will need to purchase them separately.

Now, if you have a standard situation, then purchasing a kit would be ideal.

However, if you have a very large place or some special circumstances, then buying each part individually will be the best possible course of action.

We can move along now and explain to you how exactly the booster amplifies your signal.

Amplification Process

As we have noticed before, the process takes very simple steps, one after another to be able to reach the desired result.

The steps are the following:

Receive a signal

The outdoor antenna receives the original strong outdoor signal and transmits it to the booster unit through the coaxial cable.

Boost the signal

The booster unit amplifies the original signal to be strong indoors. All the devices will work as usual, and won’t detect a difference in signal, as the frequency stays the same, only the strength changes.

Broadcast the strong signal

Then the booster sends the strong signal through the second set of coaxial cables to the indoor antenna, which broadcasts the amplified signal through the area.

Mobile boosters on sale

Now that you know how great mobile boosters are, and how easily they can repair your faulty network, you can see the products we have on sale, to see which ones you want or need.

Pro Dual Band Signal Booster Voice & Data – 600 sq.m.

Up to 600 sqm

Calls & 3G & Data

(132 Reviews)

£ 515 £ 359

Tri-Band 3G and 4G Mobile Booster – 600 sqm

Up to 600 sqm

CAll & Networks

(16 Reviews)

£ 1015 £ 710

Pro Mobile Phone Booster for All Networks – 300 sq.m.

Up to 300 sqm

Calls & 3G & Data

(27 Reviews)

£ 825 £ 579

If any of these ones fit your needs, frequency and square footage wise, then you should surely get one, or at least check out the product details to learn more.

Reasons to get a booster

Here are some reasons you should get a mobile signal booster if you are still not convinced that you need one.

  • Instant signal boost to full strength
  • Seamless communication
  • No “dead zones” in the house/office, boat, hotel, etc.
  • Fast video loading
  • No dropped calls or breaking voices
  • No screen freezing

The list can go on and on, but the conclusion stays the same - in case you are suffering from a bad indoor signal, then you need a booster!

After all, we live in the 21st century, with such technological and scientific advancement, that it’s shameful we still suffer from such trivial issues, as a fluctuating signal indoors.

Bring comfort to your life without any hassle and repair your bad signal once and for all.

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